Portrait of Peter Paul Koprowski thumbtack

String Quartert Nr. 1

movement II. Consequent - opening (2'52")

Score sample

Duration: 15 minutes

Written: 1967

Premiered: Krakow, Poland


  1. Antecedent
  2. Consequent


Written in 1967, the first String Quartet marks early signs of rebellion against the surrounding realities of ‘new music’. Disenchanted with serialism and increasingly ill at ease with the static sphere of sound clusters of the Polish School (having already abandoned the ramifications of tonality), I decided to synthesize the above-mentioned concepts with those of my favourite period - the Renaissance. I resolved not to challenge the language with which I was familiar, but rather to transform it to meet my objectives, in an attempt to arrive at fresh results.
The creation of a definite sense of structural motion, combined with the modification of traditional forms and independence of lines (as adapted from Okeghem), were among the main objectives of the piece.

The quartet was composed in Krakow, Poland, and is dedicated to Professor Boleslaw Woytowicz.
It remains one of my most discussed and frequently performed composition to this day.