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eight note “Citizen of the World”

November 9, 2000 - Times Union

music notes “Ahead by a Century” front page of Words and Music

As composers we don't have to reinvent the wheel. The whole vocabulary is there for us to use. We must have the tools of the entire 20th Century at the tips of our finger...

We're past the stage of research into sound and resources, and we've lived through the provocative aspect of music. That was authentic right after the war, perhaps, when there was a rejection of the old values. But we're not looking for new values now. We are at a point of consolidation. Originality today is dependet upon the capacity to present alternate, not necessarily new, realities...

May, 1998 - Words and Music

music notes “The composer as perfectionist: Continual revision and polishing”

June 1980 - Canadian Composer

music notes “Something quite different”

...I have never concerned myself about what is in vogue, I was alway hoping that what I write will be equally valid 20 yeares later...

April 13, 2013; Peter Robb - Ottawa Citizen

music notes “It began Wednesday evening with the premiere of a wonderful tone poem depicting a region in the Carpathian Mountains. Its title was Podhale, and the composer was Peter Paul Koprowski, a Polish-born musican who has been an important presence in the Canadian music scene for more than four decades. Several of his works have been performed and premiered by the NACO over the years, and Podhale makes an excellent addition to the composer's well-setablished body of works. Pinchas Zukerman conducted the orchestra in a persuasive account of the new score.”

April 18, 2013; Richard Todd - Ottawa Citizen

music notes “From the Metro to the stage”

“Laycock had an idea. He knew of an accordion concerto written seven years previously by the Canadian composer Peter Paul Koprowski...

Intent on putting together a scenario of the Paris Metro musician playing this piece in Prienceton, Laycock packed up a copy of the score, a CD of the Toronto performance, and one of his own orchestra and returned to Paris the following month. But how to find the young man again?...”

June 19, 2003 - Herald Tribune

eight note “North Gower composer wins awards for classical pieces”

“His music is expressive, highly sophisticated, and while demonstrating a high level of craftsmanship, retains the capacity to move and excite the audience".

Recognizing primarily the quality and beauty of Koprowski's writing, the award was also presented to him because of the "staggering" quantity of pieces composed in the last two years.

His Flute Concerto was described by the soloist as "the most substantial concerto since Carl Nielsen's and was praised by the late witold Lutoslawski for its outstanding colors, drama and architecture as well as an absolute control of the symphony orchestra as a vehicle.”

December 10, 1997 - Review/Advance

music notes “When music never sleeps”

“A composition, almost fully formed, enters his consciousness, all the main elements there, demanding to be scripted.”

October 05, 1997 - Ottawa Citizen

music notes “Music by the living”

“In 1997, Koprowski won the prestigious Chalmers National Music Award. The awards jury praised the great beauty of Koprowski's music, the mastery of his orchestal writing and his remarkable ability to speak with his own voice. His music is expressive, highly sophisticated and while demonstrating a high level of craftsmanship retains a capacity to move and excite audiences.”

January 16, 2001 - Ottawa Citizen

music notes “Lest we forget - concert of the year 2005!” (“Ocalic od zapomnienia - Koncert roku 2005!”)

January, 2006 - Kalejdoskop Ottawski

music notes “We mnie jest tylko muzyka”

My head is filled with music – incessantly. I have been thinking music ever since my adolescence. Only some of it gets to be written down. Most of it just passes through my head and vanishes into the distance – unavoidably. This is exhilarating and wonderful, nevertheless, taxing and exhausting...

October, 1997 - Gazeta

music notes “Western professor's work at National Arts Centre”

Koprowski said he has reached a point in his life that he wants to aid the audience with an understanding of his compositions...

April 17, 2008 - Western News

music notes “Western prof Chalmers winner”

“Looking back, the big risk he took in leaving Europe for Canada so many years ago was worth it. He left a sure thing for God knows what and it has worked out just fine.

So fine, in fact, that Koprowski was honored in Toronto on Monday night as the 1997 recipient of the prestigious Jean Chalmers National Music Award for his orchestral compositions...”

September 25, 1997 - London Free Press

music notes “Cultural activities felt downplayed”

He shudders each Sunday night, he said in an interview, when he hears the public apology for programming the evening's classical music program...

November 15, 1978 - London Free Press

music notes “It happend here”

“The production recieved an ovation from the audience and a press "rave". There was no doubt the collaboration was a significant success. Also significant, the three artists were each enthusiastic about the other's art and its relationshiop to the producttion as a whole...”

1977 - BallyHoo

music notes “Homage to the Muses”

“A piece that in the program was right at home between Mozart and Beethoven...
The work of a master. ” — (about In Memoriam Karol Szymanowski)

April 21, 1978 - Il Giornale di Toronto

music notes Carnegie Hall

“Carnegie Hall has been the scene for many New York Grand Opera triumphs...

Thursday night, November 2nd, was a very special night for music lovers... The basic theme of the New York Grand Opera concert appears to be the redemption of love over loss, and triumph over despair... two important pieces by contemporary Polish composers [were] sung by soprano Maria Knapik...

This beguiling and intense piece [Elegia for a Polish Youth] composed in 2005 was to be a companion piece for the Gorecki work. It deals with a mothers lament for her dead son gunned down ending with the anguished cry, “Was it the bullet that killed you my dear son, or did your heart explode?” This was a potent, lyrical score with a rich orchestration that deserves a place in the symphonic repertoire...

This was a most auspicious and important United States premiere. The composer, singled out from the audience by Maestro LaSelva received an ovation...”

December 13, 2006 - Opera - L Archives