Portrait of Peter Paul Koprowski thumbtack


Part 2 - From childhood to the doctorate.

Part 3 - There is more than one way to be modern...

Part 4 - Maria Knapik and Peter Paul Koprowski talk about education.

Part 5

Koprowski on composing

Composer talks about his reaction to success, his craft and challenges ahead

Joel Quarrington on Koprowski’s writing

preceding November 16-17, 2016 concerts of Chabmer Concerto for Contrabass Solo,
Timpani, Percussion and Strings

Pinchas Zukerman on Koprowski

preceding January 26-27, 2011 concerts of In Memoriam Karol Szymanowski

Koprowski conducts Ancestral Voices

in rehersal with Orquesta Sinfonica Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho - excerpt (1998)

Peter Paul Koprowski conducts Ancestral Voices

in concert with Orquesta Sinfonica Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho - corresponding excerpt (1998)

Peter Paul Koprowski conducts Juan Bautista Plaza

excerpt from "Fuga Criolla" (opening) and "Fuga Romantica" (conclusion) with Orquesta Sinfonica Gran Mariscalde Ayacucho (1998)

Peter Paul Koprowski talks about his learning experience with Nadia Boulanger (“Mostly Music”, CBC Radio) (3'01")

Gary Kulesha introduces Peter Paul Koprowski's Songs of Forever before its premiere in 1992 (1'53")

On CBC Radio Peter Paul Koprowski talks to Keith Horner about his philosophy of composition after the premiere of Songs of Forever in 1992 (2'08")

Robert Aitken (flutist) talks to Ken Winters about Peter Paul Koprowski's Flute Concerto (“Mostly Music”, CBC Radio) (4'08")

Peter Paul Korpowski in conversation with Eleanor Wachtel on Behind the Iron Curtain and repressed life in communist Poland (“Arts Tonight”, CBC Radio; 2005) (17'44")

Peter Paul Korpowski talks about his work (“Muzyczne Forum”, Polskie Radio Bis; 2004) (14'01") — in Polish