Portrait of Peter Paul Koprowski thumbtack

Fable Mystique de Rachel

Duration: 15 minutes

Written: 2000

Premiered: May 5, 2000

Thirteen Strings

Conductor: Peter Paul Koprowski


  • Strings (Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Celli, Contrabass)


one movement


Following my Epitaph for Strings, Ancestral Voices, and Intermezzo, Fable Mystique de Rachel was my forth composition for string orchestra.

It was commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for the Thirteen Strings chamber orchestra of Ottawa in 2000. The same year I conducted the premiere of it in Ottawa and the performance was subsequently broadcast by the CBC.

The work is in one movement, although it breaks into several sections. The orchestra is periodically divided into smaller ensembles and it features a number of soli. The work is rhapsodic in nature and it is set within an extended tonal language. There is no specific story line in it. The title of it was given by my daughter, after she had heard me play some passages of it at the piano.

Fable Mystique de Rachel is dedicated to Rachel, who was instrumental in giving me her input pertaining to the character of the piece.