Portrait of Peter Paul Koprowski thumbtack

Bamsens Vals

Score sample

Duration: 2 minutes

Written: 1987

Premiered: February 14, 1987

Flute: Per Oien


  • Flute Solo


Composed as an encore piece in a light and playful vein, Bamsens Vals owes its name to the shy and artful bears that haunt the mountains of Trysil, Norway.

Bamsens Vals appears as a small digression for the composer to a more traditional harmonic language, while retaining his usual flair for lyricism and colour.

A humorous little piece, it stands in almost total contrast to Koprowski’s earlier Flute Concerto (1982), a work of intense emotions, surrealistic drama, and virtuosity.

Bamsens Vals had its first performances in Trysil and Oslo, Norway in February and March of 1987.